Importance of Liver Organ in Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Importance of Liver Organ in Raw Food Diet For Dogs

Dogs are here to share your stress, make you happy and feel your emotions. That's why we have to take care of them, and health always comes in the first place.

Healthy Life = Healthy Diet, so you must be wondering what should be fed to make your Dog feel happy and healthy? Then the answer is RAW FOOD for dogs.

Yes! In the meal plan, you must have a Raw Diet, as it not only has multivitamins but also has the strength to destroy toxins and give them energy. Also, scientifically Raw Diet is counted as the most beneficial dog food because it doesn't get heated, so all the nutrients and vitamins are saved.

So, if you're ready to feed your dog with Raw Diet, then the liver organ is the most important part of it.

You must be wondering... how?

The answer is that liver is the super happy, super energetic and healthy food for dogs.

Yeah! of course, it's too tasty and dogs love it to eat more often.

Here is the major thing: What is the importance of liver organs as a Raw Food Diet for dogs?

There are multiple benefits. Let's start discussing the vitamins part and the benefits for dogs:

1) Vitamin A- Powerful Antioxidant which supports the digestive and reproductive systems.

2) Vitamin B- Great supporter of mental and nerve health which helps dogs from being fatigued and always enthusiastic.

3) Vitamin D- Good fighter to save the Immune system and save against cancers too.

4) Iron- Is the major player in brain functionality, generating hemoglobin and helping to transport oxygen to blood cells.

5) Other minerals- Makes your dog stronger. Bone and muscles are super strong, protect the skin to glow fresh and remove toxins.

In fact, statistically, people's point of view for liver = Natural Multivitamins jammed with rich nutrients. Go for it!

As it says, liver boosts the liver, so definitely you must be thinking about whose liver can play the more important role in a dog's raw food diet, then you've amazing choices like:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Even other animals too as it has a good amount of proteins and nutrients, it's safe to feed.

But after research and experience, it's highly recommended to go for beef, pork and chicken liver, alternatively as comparatively the minerals and nutrients in it are too important for dogs. And quick brief on what else is added as extra that it has to be fed as the Raw Food Diet:

  • Helps with wound healing 
  • Takes more care of lung and cardiovascular
  • Keeps a glow on the skin and protects the hair colour
  • Easy generating energy, even though your dogs are super active they won't feel fatigued, good for blood circulation, oxygen transportation, etc.

Now the question is... Yes! It's understood that it's important to feed liver organs on a Raw Diet for dogs, but how much to feed? Is it safe? And if dogs don't take it directly, how to feed them?

Then... Yes! it's totally safe to feed, nothing to worry about at all. You can feed as per your dog's weight means 5-10 % of the liver could be fed on your dog's weight, so it varies. And you can grind & mix the raw liver with some meat. We add 5% liver and 5% other organs to the diet. 

Just please don't cook or heat the raw liver because Raw Diets are recommended not to heat to save the nutrients and directly to take the benefit. Also, start slow, don't rush, as the liver organ plays a major role as the Raw Food for dogs and contains rich nutrients, so let the dog's body start adapting it slowly so it doesn't upset their tummies.

Now the question is... Where to buy from?

Canadian Raw is the only option that brings high-quality Raw Diet Food to your dog!

    With knowledge and experience, Canadian Raw specializes in Raw Diet Food for your dog and you can easily get livers of major animals to make your Dog's life healthy and happy. Also, we deliver fresh and usually have the stock from the farmers directly, so you're contributing with them as well.

    And after 2020, we started loving home deliveries for our safety too, so Canadian Raw Food, Raw Diet Special Local deliverables are in high demand, let's choose safety.

    Canadian Raw Diet plays a vital role for Dogs' health and the Liver organ is delicious, packed with happy healthy advantages. Go for it!

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