Canadian Raw is more than just a food delivery company, we are a pet caregiver burden. We care about every ingredient that goes into your pet’s Bowl. We have a simple rule, if you cannot eat something, then it should not be fed to your pet.


Everything started when our first puppy arrived home. We lacked knowledge of how to take care of him. I was feeding him high-quality balanced dry food, but over time my dog developed many health issues like obesity and allergies. After months of reading books and getting full information about how to properly feed my dog, I ended up learning about the benefits of a raw diet with guidance from a pet nutrition expert. Then, I started feeding my dog raw food mixed with fruits and veggies. Later on, most of his skin issues were resolved, but he developed some hip and joint issues as he was growing older. I could say that without the raw diet transition he wouldn’t have had an extended life. Then I wondered... Why not help other pet owners to do the transition from kibble to a raw diet?


I acquire a lot of knowledge and experience about canine nutrition, so why not spread awareness of raw diet and help other pet owners. Our goal is to provide a quality Raw diet to Canadians at the most affordable rates. Your hairy friends deserve the best quality food; choosing our raw diet for your pet will be the best choice to make. They will always thank you!

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