Q. What is the BARF diet?

A. Biologically approved raw food diet is the full form of BARF and it is prepared to provide complete nutrition requirements for your dog by the combination of essential nutrients.

Q. How to transition from kibble to raw food diet?

A. Usually it goes from 20 to 20, so remove 20% of kibble from the diet and add 20% raw barf diet weekly. Some dogs adjust quickly and some take at least 5 weeks full. You can slowly increase the raw food diet by feeding morning time kibble and supper time raw diet. Slowly increase the amount of raw and fully transfer to raw food in 2-4 weeks time period.

Q. Who is canadianraw.ca?

A. We are a small company based in Calgary Alberta that provides quality barf diet for dogs. Every year lots of dogs are diagnosed with various health issues like cancer, several metabolic diseases, bad odour, skin allergies, bad teeth and gum issues and overall lack of energy in day-to-day life due to overconsumption of carbs from the kibble diet.

Our balanced diet consists of healthy fat, Keto approved products, a high source of protein and organic fruits and vegetables carefully sourced from local farms and shops.

Q. What makes Canadian Raw different from other brands?

A. Our diet is very balanced and structured compared to other raw food companies. For example, more than 5% liver and 5% other organs can cause issues in the digestive and reproductive system in the long term but other companies do use up to 15-20% liver in the formula. Our formula is carefully studied by a pet nutritionist and creates the best possible diet for furry friends. We deliver your order according to your schedule. We do not have minimum order requirements and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer your questions.

Q. What is your Product guaranteed?

A. Our product is free from hormones, antibiotics and fillers. Our products are locally sourced from farms and shops. Our raw diet is very popular among mutts as its full of healthy ingredients.

Q. Where do you make this raw diet?

A. We make our food in our Calgary, Alberta licensed facility location. We custom pack our products. We make small micro-batches to make sure the standards of our products stay the same.

Q. Do you use high-pressure processing?

A. No, we do not use it as our product is not cooked and it is raw.

Q. Do you use organic ingredients?

A. We try our best to source organic but it's not possible every time, our meat is not organic but it is called human-grade meat. Which are sourced by local farms, shops and animals are grass-fed and live in cage-free environments. Only the unbleached green tripe is not considered as a human-grade.

Q. Can I feed this food to my CAT?

A. Our food is not specifically made for a cat but it is safe for cats and other animals. Some people do feed our food to cats without having any issues.

Q. Does your food is processed or cooked or pasteurized?

A. No, our food is in raw format. Cooking and processing harm the nutritional value of the products. So to get maximum utilization of each ingredient and enzyme we keep our food raw as wolves find their prey in the wild.

Q. Is your meat human-grade?

A. Yes, our meat is human grade.

Q. What is the shelf life of our food?

A. Our food is frozen, so when you plan to keep it in the freezer please use it in 7-9 days as any other human-grade meat will get bad after 12 days of keeping it frozen.

Q. Do you use any preservative or additives?

A. The only preservative we use is the freezer.

Q. How much you should feed your dog?

A. There is no right answer as every dog is different, but ideal food consumption is 2.5% of the body weight of a dog. Puppies usually need 8-10% of their body weight and it reduces every 2 months by 2 percent until the dog is one year old.

Every dog has different energy levels and breed requirements. Please watch an eye on their weight as you can change their diet accordingly.

Q. Do you need to add any supplements to our product?

A. No our formula is completely balanced and you do not need to add anything.

Some dogs have any particular health issue and they may treat that issue with specific supplements.

Q. What are the benefits of the BARF diet?

A. You will observe a fresh breath and less gas on their stomach. Less farting and less poop. Their energy and alertness levels will certainly be high. You can see their teeth are much white and clean compared to kibble. Their coat is much shinier and has fewer skin-related problems or allergies. High amount of nutrition absorbed from their body and a healthy dog means fewer vet visit.

Q. Why my dog's poop is smaller than before?

A. Starting a raw diet in a dog's meal is very healthy and full of nutrition. Dogs' bodies can consume and absorb more nutrition and less waste.

As kibble food is full of unhealthy carbs and unnecessary ingredients available in the diet which end up in large stinky poop.

Q. Is this food safe for human?

A. Our food has almost all ingredients safe for humans except green tripe. For that reason, we do not recommend offering this food to humans.

Q. What are the benefits of Raw and BARF diet?


  1. Shinier coat - From bioavailable nutrition and proteins the coat looks so good
  2. Less skin allergies - by avoiding unnecessary kibble diet skin issues can minimize in dogs.
  3. Improvement in energy level- blood sugar and ketone level is maintained
  4. Clean teeth - meaty bones and raw food is the best toothpaste and brush for mutts.
  5. Less poop - reduce the amount of stool by absorbing more nutrition and avoiding an unhealthy kibble diet.
  6. Less dehydration- Dogs tend to drink less water as the raw diet is full of moisture as kibble food has a lot of carbs which always makes dogs thirsty.
  7. Health dog- Fewer vet bills

Q. Can young puppies eat raw and barf diets? What are the quantities?

A. Yes absolutely, the better they start their body and stomach will develop faster in adapting barf diet.

The ideal quantity is 5 to 7% of their body weight and divide into 4-5 small meals a day when they are growing.

Q. Why kibble diet is not healthy for dogs? 

A. Give you a simple example, as we prefer our meat should stay in the freezer before serving, how can you trust something with meat that stays at room temperature for months or years. Now you know they keep very little meat and nutrition amount in kibble and to preserve that freshness they add a bunch of artificial preservatives in their formula and call it a balanced diet.

As raw food is expensive and big companies can not scale their business on a big level so they spend a maximum amount of money on advertisements and acquiring a customer. Kibble companies try their level best to fund vet schools and provide time to time commission and sponsorship for vets. Kibble food is full of unhealthy unnecessary carbs. Their diet lacks minerals, proteins, probiotics, vitamins and moisture.

Q. Is raw food safe for dogs?

A. Raw food contains bacteria. Dog's stomach and intestine are very well equipped to tackle some bad bacteria too like e.coli and salmonella.

Dogs' stomach secretes enzymes that are highly acidic plus their saliva has Lysozyme enzyme which is antibacterial. Dogs are meant to eat raw as they came from the wolf family and wolves like to eat their prey raw. In recent times, their behaviour and temper have changed and they meant to live with humans but they still have a very powerful GI system that is designed to eat a raw diet.

Q. What is the cost of feeding a completely raw diet and how much food is needed?

A. The cost varies from dog to dog their weight, energy level and appetite.

Average food is 2% of their body weight, so a dog that weights 50lbs will need 1 lb/day, so 30lbs / 30 days.

For pricing see catalog.

Q. How does it work?

A. You can visit our website canadianraw.ca or you can call us to place an order and schedule delivery. You can choose your choice diet for your dog and we will deliver at your door step.

Q. Is Delivery is free around the city?

A. Yes, delivery is always free in Calgary. If you are located outside of Calgary please contact us.

Q. How do I pay?

A. You can pay online at canadianraw.ca with your credit/debit card. You can also e-transfer at canadianrawyyc@gmail.com. The receipts will be sent by email.

Q. Is it safe to pay online?

A. Yes absolutely! All transactions are processed through a secure website and all data transactions are encrypted. Any personal information you enter (like your name, address, credit card number, etc.) will be used only for the particular one-time transaction and will not be saved on our system without your permission.

Q. Can I make changes to my orders?

A. Yes, you can email us or call us to make changes to your order before delivery.

Q. Can I return the raw food for dogs?

A. Unfortunately frozen items come in very high risk items if not kept at proper temperature. So we want to make sure all dogs stay safe and healthy, for that reason we do not accept returns.

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